Contemporary Nature

Contemporary design immersed in Andalusian nature, this time it is a pleasure to introduce you to the avant-garde architect Laura Jiménez and her studio.The creation of it can be framed in plots located in La Reserva de Sotogrande, for its beautiful hillside setting and impressive views over Sotogrande and the historic Strait of Gibraltar.The design … Read more

Villa Caricias

Villa Caricias is the result of the creative synergy between the Iranian architect Milad Eshtiyaghi and Miguel Mellado, real estate agent in Sotogrande. Combining ideas, concepts and energy. Modern concept inspired by the ancient knowledge of distributing the house around a central courtyard garden, on this occasion the garden is moved to the upper terrace … Read more

Villa Neo

It is a pleasure to have this vision within Sotogrande Concept Design, and to be able to offer you this option to create your family home in Sotogrande.A sculpture sculpted in stone, the vision of a modern villa comes true. Wasfy Taha and Fionn Mögel reinterpret the classic rules to provide an incomparable sense of … Read more